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Brenda K. Uekert, PhD

Sociologist, Speaker, Financial Coach, Author

Brenda K. Uekert, PhD, is a captivating speaker with an inspiring life story. She spent her career advocating for justice system reform. Exhausted and burned out, she left her profession to build a financial coaching business - and a lifestyle - that was more in sync with the things that brought her joy. With expertise in both the legal system and personal finance, she is an advocate for social change - lifting voices from all corners of the economic spectrum through her programs.

Dr. Brenda's message is all about living life to the fullest and creating unforgettable memories that will stay with us forever. Whether she's engaging audiences with her infectious humor or sharing personal stories, Dr. Brenda inspires busy professionals to slow down, simplify, and pursue their dreams with boldness and courage. Leading by example, in 2020, Dr. Brenda embraced a life on the open road, demonstrating that anything is possible when you dare to follow your heart's desires.

You can find her RVing, with her two cats in tow, discovering new sights around every bend as they roam America together. She offers an inspiring story of embracing uncertainty in pursuit of your dreams!

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