Authored by Brenda K. Uekert, PhD

Join me on an Amazing Road Trip

Embark on the ultimate journey to financial freedom with the Money Road Trip workbook! This isn't just another finance guide; it's your personal co-pilot on a thrilling ride to a life of wealth and prosperity. Inside, you'll find a unique blend of practical advice, engaging activities, and inspiring stories, all woven together to help you create a personalized roadmap to financial freedom.

Designed to reveal your individual money persona, it's your golden ticket to widening the gap between income and expenses and steering through the world of investing with ease and confidence. Brimming with interactive exercises, it's crafted to fuel your financial savvy. This workbook isn't just about reaching financial freedom; it's about enjoying the ride, learning as you go, and ultimately, taking control of your journey.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler on the road to financial freedom or just revving up your engines, this workbook is the perfect companion. With its light-hearted tone, relatable anecdotes, and easy-to-follow guidance, it transforms complex financial concepts into an enjoyable and accessible journey.

Turn each page to discover not only how to build financial freedom, but also how to enjoy the scenic route of life along the way. So, buckle up and get ready to drive your dreams to reality on our money road trip - where financial freedom is not just a destination, but an exciting, enriching journey!

Money Road Trip: Chart your Course to Financial Freedom

Regular Edition

Updated annually. Get the 2024 inaugural edition.

Graduation Edition

Includes a gift tag page and special message for the graduate.

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Coming Soon: Listening Points

Imagine sitting beside a pristine creek, where the symphony of nature unfolds without interruption from the clamor of modern society. Here, there are no human voices, no overhead airplanes, and no traffic noises to intrude upon nature's serenade. It was in moments like these that the idea for the "Listening Points" project was born.

As I traveled across the United States, I set out to capture the essence of pure nature. This Kindle book offers you an immersive experience for both your eyes and ears. Through a series of 60-second videos and captivating stories, you'll have the opportunity to eavesdrop on the tranquil beauty of the natural world as I traverse this diverse and awe-inspiring country.

Listening Points is a sensory escape, a celebration of the unspoiled sounds and sights that surround us, and an invitation to reconnect with the untamed soul of America's wilderness.

Listening Point Stories

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

In mid-April, I arrived at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area, a hidden gem nestled alongside the majestic Atlantic Ocean . . . 

Morning Steam Rising over the Salt Springs

From Tallahassee, I journeyed eastward to the Salt Springs Recreational Area, nestled in the Ocala National Forest. This hidden gem of a park . . .

Flickering Lantern as Night Falls in Florida

On March 13, 2022, I departed my winter campground on the lovely South Padre Island in Texas. Eleven days later, I arrived in Florida, marking . . .