Bring Energy and Enthusiasm Back into the Workplace

I know how stressful work can be. We give beyond our capacity, help others, and celebrate our victories. But pushing ourselves on overdrive forever is unsustainable. With many organizations facing staffing hurdles, fewer people are now doing more work than ever before! It's tough. It takes a toll. Together, let's craft a sustainable plan to help your staff thrive and make your organization stand out from the crowd.

Who is this Workshop for?

Our Workshop is perfect for organizations that value their employees' wellbeing and offer some flexibility in their work schedules. We work with each organization to discuss your work structure and explore adaptations that can be made to craft tailored life-work plans. And if your mission is to make a difference in the world, we're even more excited to help. Let's ignite that spark today!

Our Four Pillars

At the heart of our philosophy lie the pillars of Innovation, Appreciation, Accountability, and Prioritization, inspiring us to reach our full potential.


Our goal is to foster the development of a modern workforce that uses the latest research to enhance employee wellbeing and organizational productivity.


Your staff is overflowing with incredible talent and dedication. We believe a culture of appreciation and support is key to inspiring and retaining top talent.


Together, we create game-changing milestones that propel your organization and staff towards success. With mutual accountability, everyone comes out as a winner.


We use a "prioritize and simplify" approach to tailor life-work plans that reflect our individuality while meeting business needs.

Inside our Workshop


We custom fit our Workshop to meet your organizational structure and mission.  We suggest that you gather a team, including your frontline staff, to work with us and give insight into your work culture. This will help us identify workplace flexibility and accountability issues. Together, we'll explore possibilities and innovations.

Activities: Team member meetings, personal interviews, virtual focus group(s).

R = Assess your Risk

Let's talk burnout: the sneaky signs and risk factors you NEED to know! Ready to discover the six big factors behind burnout? We'll cover work overload, lack of control, insufficient rewards, breakdown of community, absence of fairness, and value conflicts - that contribute to burnout.

Activities: Interactive CLIMER card exercise, Burnout gauge.

E = Manage your Energy

Ready to recharge your batteries? Let's start with an energy audit! We'll dig into how you're using your energy, and uncover ways to simplify, shift, or even eliminate tasks so you can focus on what matters. Plus, we'll brainstorm ways to stay revitalized throughout the workday. Time to pump up that energy!

Activities: Energy Audit Exercise

P = Plot your Life-Work Plan

Are you ready to craft a life-work plan that's tailor-made just for you? Let us guide you in charting a personal course that gives importance to your life AND aligns with your company's goals. We're all for being flexible and accountable, so let's get innovative and make things happen! Here is your chance to switch up your work game and make it better than ever before.

Activities: Priority Finder, Joyride template

Partner with Dr. Brenda

Highly Qualified

Dr. Brenda holds a PhD in Sociology and has a lengthy career in research and policy.


Dr. Brenda will work WITH your organization to determine your greatest needs.


Dr. Brenda documents program results and continually makes program improvements.

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