4-Session Program


The Case for Financial Wellness

Financially Stressed
Money Stresses

Almost six out of ten workers say finances is the top cause of stress in their lives.

Distracted at Work
Distracted at Work

44% of financially stressed workers admit that money issues have been a distraction at work.

Want Help
Financial Help

The vast majority of employees want help with their finances; they prefer unbiased advice. 

Think about who provides your financial wellness services to employees. While retirement plan providers are often a source of financial advice, employees across all generations say they would most trust an objective financial advisor not tied to financial products/company retirement plan. 

Pack your Bags! We Bring Fun into Finances

Who doesn't love a great road trip? Our Financial Wellness Program - Road Trip to Financial Freedom - uses a fun road-trip themed approach to help employees take charge of their money, and their future.

Our Roadmap to Financial Freedom

We take a personalized and uniquely fun approach to help your employees take charge of their money, and lose less time from money stresses

Road Trippers Set the Destination

Our program is personalized. It takes into account the dreams, circumstances, and obstacles specific to each program participant.

We Don't Crowd the Route

Nothing's worse than a traffic jam. Our program is highly interactive and engaging, so we limit the number of road-trippers to 20 per session.

Our Road Trip Fun Carries into the Workplace

We track key milestones for participants and can show positive financial outcomes. Less stress results in more productive and engaged employees.

Our Navigator is the Ultimate Troubleshooter

Things happen on the road that can derail the best plans. Dr. Brenda has been through it all and has a personal investment in the success of road-trippers.

Inside our Program

Part 1: Pick your Destination

Is your ideal road trip a bicycle ride around the block, or an exotic trip around the world? We’ll talk about what financial freedom means to you. Let’s set a destination to a place that makes you feel great about your money, and your future. We’re traveling light on this trip, so you’ll need to prioritize what fits into your travel bag.

Activities: Know your Money Personality (quiz); Complete the Wants versus Needs Tracker; Financial Freedom Road Map Template (part 1)

Part 2: Map your Route

Every great road trip starts with a map. Let’s plan a route based on how fast you want to travel and the detours along the way. Oh, this trip is going to be fun. We’ll set up goals for our trip and stop at some roadside stands along the way to pick up some goodies. Don’t worry about doing it alone – you’ve got a great navigator who will help you plot your route.

Activities: Set your Priorities; Create SMARTER Goals; Financial Freedom Road Map Template (part 2)

Part 3: Fund your Travels

You’re going to need money for this trip. You’ve got to fuel up, be ready for emergencies, and prepare for detours. Will your route take you to the pass of Debt Mountain? Or can you bypass it and reach your destination faster. Let’s talk about ways to load up your travel fund.

Activities: Where’s the Money? worksheet; Get out of Debt Toolkit; Financial Freedom Road Map Template (part 3)

Part 4: Road Trip It!

The day has arrived. It’s vacation time! Let’s start our journey. Let’s have fun while following a set of rules. First, we have to keep an eye on the weather – we want to take shelter in the storms. Second, be prepared for flat tires, detours, and roadside emergencies. Finally, no hitchhikers!  Let’s do this!

Activities: Speed Bump Identifier; Financial Freedom Road Map Template (part 4)

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Highly Qualified

Dr. Brenda holds a PhD in sociology and is a graduate of the Financial Coach Academy


Dr. Brenda will work WITH your organization to determine your greatest needs.


Dr. Brenda documents outcomes and continually makes program improvements.

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