Listening Points

Imagine sitting beside a pristine creek, where the symphony of nature unfolds without interruption from the clamor of modern society. Here, there are no human voices, no overhead airplanes, and no traffic noises to intrude upon nature's serenade. It was in moments like these that the idea for the "Listening Points" project was born.

As I traveled across the United States, I set out to capture the essence of pure nature. This Kindle book offers you an immersive experience for both your eyes and ears. Through a series of 60-second videos and captivating stories, you'll have the opportunity to eavesdrop on the tranquil beauty of the natural world as I traverse this diverse and awe-inspiring country.

Listening Points is a sensory escape, a celebration of the unspoiled sounds and sights that surround us, and an invitation to reconnect with the untamed soul of America's wilderness.

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Listening Points is a truly unique multimedia journey. Inside your eBook, you'll discover captivating 60-second nature videos seamlessly integrated with beautiful narrative, creating an immersive experience that brings the wonders of nature to life right on your device.

Enjoy these Listening Point Favorites

The Quiet Solitude of Listening Point

As I write from my campsite in the Minnesota Northwoods, not far from where renowned environmentalist Sig Olson once led canoe . . . 

The Sounds of a Mystical Morning

From the enchanting shores of Tallahassee, my journey led me eastward to Salt Springs Recreational Area, a hidden paradise nestled within the Ocala . . . 

Dawn's Majesty on the Island

As I settled into the gentle rhythm of island life on South Padre Island, I found myself drawn to the allure of the early morning hours. I would often venture out . . . 

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