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Speaking and Virtual Trainings on Financial Wellness and Burnout

We are in the midst of a workplace revolution. Will you lead . . . or languish?

In today's evolving work landscape, employees yearn for autonomy, flexibility, and meaningful engagement, while organizations seek committed, productive, and thriving teams. The great news? These goals can converge within a wellness-oriented culture.

But we face a stark reality: employees are battling burnout and exhaustion, often exacerbated by personal stressors like financial concerns. The result? A workforce that’s not just burned out, but also stressed out and maxed out!

This is where we can make a difference together. I'm here to invigorate your organization with a blend of humor, memorable stories, and effective tools designed to spark transformation. Let’s tackle burnout and financial worries head-on, and pave the way for a healthier, more empowered workplace.

Let's kickstart financial wisdom in college!

College is the perfect stage to get students excited about their financial future. Transform anxieties surrounding personal finances and the planet's well-being into powerful lessons of hope and proactive steps. Introduce the innovative concept of EcoFin to your campus, blending financial savvy with environmental stewardship.

* EcoFin, short for Ecological Finance, refers to a financial approach that integrates environmental sustainability into financial planning and decision-making.

A wellness culture promotes the overall wellbeing of employees through flexible, person-centered policies and practices that address physical, emotional, mental, and financial needs. Organizations that adopt wellness cultures benefit from increased productivity, healthier employees, and the retention of top talent.

My Speaking Programs

Get ready for a large dose of humor and engagement in my talks and workshops. I can customize each offering to fit your organization's aspirations and goals. Start the conversation today by checking my availability.

Financial Wellness

The Surprising Tool that can Turbocharge your Financial Future


Are your employees stressed about their finances? Do you notice their productivity, attendance, and retention slipping as a result? You want to offer financial guidance, but let's be real – boring presentations with tiresome jargon and self-promotion won't cut it. It's time to shake things up and make finances FUN. Prepare for an exciting and interactive keynote that will take the audience on a journey of self-discovery, exploring four distinct money personalities. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter approaches and inspire your employees to finally take charge of their financial future.


  • Unveil your money personality by taking a simple quiz
  • Overcome limiting beliefs tied to your money personality
  • Unlock the path to financial freedom and your dream life
  • Kickstart your journey with the powerful Money Road Trip program!
Financial Wellness - COLLEGE VERSION

From Ramen to Riches: A Student's Guide to Launching an Awesome Financial Life


Students are super stoked to get their first big paycheck, but then what? Juggling student loans, affordable living, and savvy investing is no small feat. This engaging presentation is designed to equip students with smart financial strategies for lasting success. We'll dive into understanding their unique money personalities, introduce the anti-budget for clever savings, and demonstrate how building wealth can align with sustaining our planet. It's an inspiring, practical, and environmentally-conscious approach to finance!


  • Unveil your money personality by taking a simple quiz
  • Overcome limiting beliefs tied to your money personality
  • Discover which budgeting approach works best for you
  • Learn how you can build wealth while sustaining the planet
Burnout Awareness and Remedies

Reignite your Fire!


Do you take pride in the positive impact your staff has on people's lives? While purpose-driven work is fulfilling, it can also lead to burnout and high turnover. The groundbreaking REP framework can help invigorate your staff and boost productivity. In this humorous and engaging keynote, participants will learn how to assess burnout Risks, manage their Energy, and Plot a course of action to bring more joy into everyday life. This innovative approach goes beyond outdated concepts of work-life balance and promises to inspire and motivate your staff. Let's REP it up and start thriving!


  • Discover fresh perspectives aligned with modern work expectations
  • Gain insights on how to recognize signs of burnout and address it effectively
  • Maximize the impact of your work by using strategies that enhance your energy levels
  • Explore the advantages of tailored life-work plans!

Transform your Event with the Money Road Trip Experience

Elevate your event with an exclusive touch! Consider offering attendees a unique resource - my book, "Money Road Trip: Chart your Course to Financial Freedom Today." Let's discuss bulk book sales and create an unforgettable author signing experience. Connect with me to add this special element to your event!

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