The Woman on the Ferry

A Journey of 1,000 Miles to Redefine Success and Discover Joy

What happens when all your hard work and dedication result in a big fat FAIL—yes, Fail with a capital 'F'? In a society obsessed with wealth, titles, degrees, status, and followers, can we cultivate an internal measure of success that allows us to marvel at the universe and find peace within ourselves? Join me on a five-month, 1,000-mile hiking adventure to redefine success and discover true joy.

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Peek Inside


“You sound defeated,” my friend messaged. Yes, “defeated” perfectly described how I felt. . . . READ MORE


As I embarked on this journey to redefine success, I felt a gnawing sense of unease. . . . READ MORE

The Accidental Beginning

The realization hit me like a freight train: my six-year entrepreneurial journey was over. . . .  READ MORE